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Simple and effective retrospectives

Picture of reflection activity in a retrospectrive Picture of timeline activity in a retrospectrive Picture of the workspace to tools like grouping, voting, timers, creating actions and more Picture of the workspace to tools like grouping, voting, timers, creating actions and more Picture custom acitivies and templates for retrospectives, demos, feedback sessions
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A continuous improvement engine for your teams

Everyone should have a place to share their ideas, problems and positive feedback in teams and organizations. Evetro makes it easier for organizations to continuously improve faster and easier than ever before. This is possible when all teams and members work together to share their best ideas and fix their most difficult problems continuously. Take the next step and make your teams thrive.

Easily include and invite others with guest links, teams and more

Evetro makes it easy to include others by sharing a simple link to your retrospectives, workshops, teams and organizations. Features like participant filtering in your workshops includes everyone in your teams. The best teams emerge when we create psychological safety by inlcuding every other equaly.
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Mix and combine a wide set of activities

Help keep your team engaged and energized during retrospectives. By switching up the activities and experimenting with different formats, you can keep the discussions fresh and focused, and get a wider range of perspectives on what's working well and what needs improvement.

What is Evetro?

A tool for continuous improvement. It is based on best practices from Retrospectives, and made in collaboration with experts and researchers to push these concepts to the next level.

What are Retrospectives?

A collection of effective methods for continuous improvement. Teams improve their practices, boost collaboration and make better products. They broaden each team member’s perspective, and help teams think, learn, decide and act together
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