New features

  • Defining own questions in the "Three Questions" method
  • Enable note author anonymity option in retrospectives


  • Loading retrospectives on the "Find Retro" page has been moved to the root page, thereby increasing initial load time, but optimising data access time on the FindRetro page
  • Reimplemented visual note floating in Team Insight and Create Actions, which has resulted in better utilization of the note space on these pages
  • Initial data loading has been optimised by the use of query memoization and promises


  • Audited our third party dependencies - discovered and remediated three vulnerabilities, none of which being classified as highly severe
  • Removed some quick fix scripts on the client side, which caused an authentication bug for users whose session expires, in which they would be trapped in an infinite redirect loop
  • Backend discovered recently that is was possible to add duplicate of users to retrospectives when accessing the query API directly, a filter has been applied to remediate this as well as an absolute cap of 100 user ID strings, to limit the payload for one retrospective


  • We have added a web page to our public web site, which documents the GraphQL Schema used to communicate with Evetro's data layer. This documentation may be useful for customers who want to implement their own client software. It is available here

Note 1: As our session handling system has changed drastically, your previous user sessions are no longer valid as of this release.