The web application bundle was previously loaded into the browser up front in its entirety, tallying a volume of 1.88 MiB as of v1.4.7. The current volume of the bundle the browser has to read initially stands at 650 KiB. After app data initialization, the browser needs to fetch another bundle with a volume of 1.12 MiB, on aggregate 1.75 MiB (a net volume decrease of 7 per cent). If you are on a mobile phone, your browser will fetch a slightly smaller main bundle, having a volume of 882 KiB. For mobile users, the aggregate is on 1.50 MiB (a net volume decrease of 20 per cent).

What Is New

  • Desktop only: The Find Retrospectives page has been moved into the dashboard section, so that you will immediately see your list of retrospectives upon signing in to the application
  • Desktop only: Moved "My Notes" from the home page into process of the retrospective it belongs to
  • We have completely removed the temporary automatic migration solution from the application


  • Create Actions: You may now click on the + button to add a new note group, in addition to the text
  • Refactored a large portion of our code base, fixing a lot of minor bugs and ui issues


  • Publish - Subscribe system: Fixed live updates on vote tally in Team Insight
  • (Last) Action List: When editing one action in the list, the whole list will not rerender, only the changes done to the edited action


  • Removed one package dependency and upgraded two others after a recent package audit revealed several instances of prototype pollution (rated high severity on
  • One week ago, the domain stud dot evetro dot com was shut down