Version 1.7 is here with a hot new feature: Shared retrospectives with guest registration!

New features

Retrospectives may now be set as "Shared", in which people outside an organization can be invited to a retrospective without having to register a user with Evetro. Guest users receive live updates on notes and actions the same way regular users do. The implemented caveat is that each guest user is tied to one retrospective only.


  • Home page: Improved initial data loading on the app home page, the app now fetches a maximum of 20 retrospectives from our data storage before rendering the home page.
  • Home page: Members of retrospectives get live updates for new, edited and deleted retrospectives, just like with actions and notes.


We fixes some issues with live updates on actions in "Last Action List". We altered the data request stage of actions, which caused a regression on the retro module "Last Action List". This has been remedied