What is new?

  • New “Get Started” section for new users. This is good progress on our goal to make it easy for new user to start using Evetro without help.
  • New random button when creating a new retrospective and choosing agenda. This button randomly pick a main activity for gathering feedback and notes. Capture


  • When joining a team, new team members will now be automatically added to upcoming and ongoing retrospectives, but not completed ones. This change makes the process of inviting new members faster while still keeping privacy of the people involved in a retrospective.

  • Teams can now be connected to retrospectives independent of which users is added.

  • Buttons for closing modals are now more visible when creating a retrospective.

  • Cleaned up the user interface by hiding organization search when not in an organization

  • More information added to the axis sctions in timeline


  • Several small UI fixes and text changes
  • Fixed a bug where a user could not create a new organization