Release Note: Evetro v1.4.4

We have released a new patch release for the web application!

Release Note: Evetro v1.4.4

What is new?

  • "My settings" have layout options added: add / remove label for author, tags and date
  • Create retro -> Your agenda and retro process now supports full flexibility on the order of activities
  • Mobile -> Now has insight with voting
  • Actions sidebar hereby has indicators for overdue (red), due soon (yellow), and to do (green), which indicates how soon the action is due


  • Minor refactoring operations have lead to no net increase of the number of lines in the production bundle


  • Discovered and patched the following bug on ActionList: Could not persist updates without editing the description.


  • Performed package dependency audit, patched vulnerability "Prototype Pollution" in lodash