Release notes: Evetro v2.0.0

Release notes: Evetro v2.0.0

We at Evetro are mildly stoked to reveal to you the official second version of the Evetro Web Application! The work and regressions put down on this milestone are too many and too boring to recount, so here is the Cliffnotes edition of our most recent progress.

New Features

  • GUI got a facelift!
  • The workspace: Replaces the action creation page
  • Interactive Drag-and-drop under grouping
  • There is also a timer feature you may use to control the time usage during note writing and voting
  • We have added a bunch of templates on the Create Retrospective section.


We have fixed a frontend bug regarding assigning colours to participants in each retrospective in a more consistent manner.


Just the regular third party dependency audit. We recently caught a transitive vulnerability in a file stream handler we added to support file upload, but fortunately, a recent patch was released on the global package repository just in time for this release. We are eternally grateful for the continuous endeavours made by Javascript's Open Source Community to keep popular and attractive packages free for liabilities.