Release Note: Evetro v1.9.1

Timepicker, calendar invites and better notes

Release Note: Evetro v1.9.1

New features

  • Timepicker: Allows the user to choose a start and an end time for the workshop. The date and time henceforth sets the time for the event rather than the period participants should reflect on. This does not apply to the calendar and timeline methods, where users still have to set the reflection period.
  • Calendar invite: The user can now choose to send calendar event invites by e-mail to other users for each workshop.
  • Added emojis from categories (My Notes and Team Insight) to notes in Create Actions to keep the category context. This feature now also has a switch in your settings in Control Panel


  • Guest users may now join more than one retrospective at the time.
  • Name initials are now on by default on notes in workshops. This can be turned of in your settings in Control Panel.


  • Removing yourself from a workshop now removes from the list of workshops in Home as well
  • Fixed the colors of "Remove" and "Delete it" buttons


  • House cleaning: upgrading some third party dependencies