New Features

  • Achievements! Users now get achievements based on notes, actions and workshops they have created.


  • Some user colors was light in color which made the white note author text barely visible. The note author text now switches to gray font color on light user colors.
  • The note author text now allows 3 initials.
  • New users joining workshops are now automatically switched on. You can now see new users notes appear live without having to turn the users notes on, in team insight.
  • Switched places on the upvote and downvote button. This is more inline with other tools.
  • Switched places on the notes and actions tabs on the user profile. New users are more likely to have notes than actions written.


  • New users without teams did not see newly created retrospectives. This is now fixed.
  • When guest users join a retrospective, 10 votes on retros where changed to 9. This was temporarly fixed by setting 9 as maximum votes.