Release Note: Evetro v1.8.1

Big upgrades for new users with tour guides, easier guest access and more

Release Note: Evetro v1.8.1

New features

  • Tour Guide: You can now choose to get a guided tour of Evetro's different features. A guide for every page in Evetro is created. This makes it very flexible for you to decide which part of the applicaiton you want to know more about.
  • Added a login button for guest users in retrospectives


  • EmojiPicker: Upgraded our emojipicker for faster responses
  • Guests can now visit our root URL; "" to create a user, instead of being directed to the retrospectives they created a guest user for
  • Note Form design improvements


  • Integrations. We have instated a separate client server for handling authorization for integration scripts.
  • Fix keypress events due to e.keyCode being depricated
  • Fixed issue where a new line in "My Notes" where showing new line codes instead of actual new lines when tags was being edited
  • Updated the URL for a retrospective to include https:// for easier shareability in forums when copying the link.


  • Upgrading some dependencies out of security concerns

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