A simple way to run your retrospectives

Everyone can now contribute on the spot by adding notes and vote on what's important from their own device. Bring a computer and use it as a shared screen, while the rest of the team use their mobile devices.

Open app.evetro.com in your mobile browser to use Evetros mobile version.

Find retrospectives

Hit the magnifying glass to browse your retrospectives.


Add notes

It can be difficult to remember previous events during the retrospective. When you experience something that you want to address we recommend that you write it down right away.


You can use your mobile device to add notes in the beginning of a retrospective or if you want to add something on the spot.

View insights from your team

In addition to your personal notes you can switch the view to see notes from all members.  


Vote and prioritize

If you have voting enabled in your retrospective everyone can vote on what’s most important. That way your team can democratically address the most important topics first.


Join a team

You can now join a team via your mobile device. Simply ask for a team code from a team member and paste it in.


Hope you find it useful!