Keep - Add - Less - More

The KALM activity focuses on practices and processes in your team. It helps your team to reflect over perceived value and discuss further improvements.

We use the following categories:

πŸ“ Keep - Things that provide value to your team that you want to keep doing

βž• Add - New ideas, practices or something that can increase value to your team

πŸ‘‡ Less - Things that doesn’t provide enough value and you would rather do less of

☝ More - Things that can increase value if you do more of

How to run the activity:

1. Gather your team and give everyone 5-10 minutes to reflect based on the categories above

2. Present your notes. Vote if you want to prioritize

3. Group the notes

4. Create actions the team can complete in order to improve

This is a short description of how to run this activity. Click here if you want more information about how to run retrospectives.

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