Drop - Add - Keep - Improve

DAKI is an activity used to explore practices and what value it brings. It helps your team to get a broader understanding of what works well and where it is room for improvement.

We use the following categories:

βž– Drop - Things you want to drop because it does not provide value

βž• Add - New ideas, practices or something that can increase value to your team

πŸ“ Keep - Things that provide value that you want to continue doing

πŸ“ˆ Improve - Suggestions and things your team wants to improve

How to run the activity:

1. Gather your team and give everyone 5-10 minutes to reflect based on the categories above

2. Present your notes. Vote if you want to prioritize

3. Group the notes

4. Create actions the team can complete in order to improve

This is a short description of how to run this activity. Click here if you want more information about how to run retrospectives.

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